Draw the Entire Portrait

The most immersive,

in-depth colored pencil course

you'll find anywhere!

70 Hours of Video

Actual Zoom Workshop Recordings
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Professional artist Jesse Lane guides you through the entire portrait step-by-step -- from the line drawing to layering and blending -- to achieve a stunning level of realism.

Learn Jesse's

Award-Winning Techniques

70 Hours of In-Depth Instruction

  • Dark Skin-Tone Secrets
  • Terrific Textures
  • Realistic Hands
  • The Value of Values
  • The Art of Blending
  • Effective Edges
  • Composition
  • Color Theory
  • Colors Within Color
  • Dark Backgrounds
  • The Language of Lighting
  • Creating Texture
  • Layering to Add Dimension

This Workshop Includes


Download a beautiful step-by-step workbook of detailed instructions for the entire portrait. 32 pages.

Line Art

You get line art to trace onto your drawing paper:

a road map to success.

Progress Photos

See each phase of the drawing as it progresses from a simple outline to a stunning portrait.

What Students Say

About Jesse's "Labyrinth" Workshop

"A must-have workshop. A dream come true! Amazing detailed instructions and brilliant teaching!!"

Janki C., California

"A marvelous workshop. I learned a ton. Jesse's enthusiasm is infectious!"

Diane M., Washington

"With this workshop you can get perfection in portraits with a very patient and thorough teacher."

Sandra L., Gibraltar