Riptide Workshop Package

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17+ Hours of Instruction

37 Lessons

Actual Zoom Workshops

For All Skill Levels

Draw with Jesse Step-by-Step

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Detailed, step-by-step instruction to guide your through every area of the portrait.

Line Art

Your roadmap to success! Just trace it onto your drawing paper.

What You'll Draw

Learn to create the eyes, hair, nose, lips, fingers and water drops... with a special emphasis on skin tone. Gain the skills to complete the portrait on your own with the step-by-step workbook.

What Students Say About

the Riptide Workshop...

"Jesse's Riptide class was excellent. In one weekend, I went from being intimidated by colored pencils to feeling confident and inspired. Now I don't want to put them down!"

Emily S., Illinois

"Jesse's brilliant workshop was quite the art adventure and an opportunity of self discovery for me."

Mary K., New York

"Best course ever for learning new and simple applications to improve your colored pencil pictures!"

Joann D., Canada

"Worth every moment. Every pencil stroke is a motivating journey, "

Susan F., Canada