Labyrinth Two Workshop:

Nose, Mouth & Chin

Create lips and features in stunning detail!

11+ Hours of Instruction

22 Lessons

Plus Bonus Content


Actual Zoom Workshop Recording



Download a beautiful step-by-step workbook of detailed instructions for the entire portrait. 32 pages.

Line Art

You get line art to trace onto your drawing paper:

a road map to success.

Nose, Mouth & Chin

This course covers the lower half of the face: the nose, mouth & chin. Workshops to complete the portrait coming soon!

What Students Say About

This Workshop...

"Brilliant techniques and easy to follow!"

Casey A., Texas

"I am amazed the piece turned out like it has!!! Far beyond my expectations."

Debbie M., New York

"Working with Jesse Lane is like being taught by an old master in new times, worth every dime."

Jackie H., Arizona

"Just what I needed to take my cp pieces to the next level."

Michelle S., Illinois

Learn Jesse's

award-winning techniques for dynamic, photorealistic portraits.

Your new skills will broaden your ability to draw ANY PORTRAIT with confidence.


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